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AdzBuzz - Get paid for discovering new contents [SCAM WARNING][SITE OFFLINE] (Read 2942 times)
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AdzBuzz - Get paid for discovering new contents [SCAM WARNING][SITE OFFLINE]
27th Sep, 2017 at 5:04pm
What Is ADZbuzz?
ADZbuzz is a content discovery platforms with social elements. Everybody can share content using the ADZbuzzer and discover content in numerous categories. It will become the starting point of millions of internet users because all their favorite content of their favorite sites is in one place and it actually helps the site owners at the same time.

What Problems Does ADZbuzz Solve?
The ADZbuzz platforms solves problems for web publishers, advertisers, people raising funds and just about any internet user, all through our content discovery platform. If you want to get a detailed overview of how we solve these problems exactly please read the ADZbuzz whitepaper here.

What Is The Daily Reward?
ADZbuzz has several income streams and shares 90% of the total profit with its members. All that is required to do in order for ADZbuzz members to earn the daily reward is to login to the platform once a day.

What Is ADZcoin?
The daily rewards are paid in ADZcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency (digital cash) similar to Bitcoin. ADZcoin also represents part of the ADZbuzz ad space and can be used by advertisers to promote products and services on the ADZbuzz network.

Why Is There A Daily Reward?
We want ADZbuzz to become the starting platform of millions of people worldwide. This will allow us to solve the problems we are solving with ADZbuzz much faster, and for this ADZbuzz users get a bonus to login to the platform once a day.

Why Are Rewards Paid In ADZcoins?
ADZcoin represents part of the ADZbuzz and ADZbuzz partner site's ad space. This way we can reward publishers and advertisers who use the platform with an asset that will help them drive more visitors to their sites or offers. Regular users who earn daily rewards can easily cash out their ADZcoins for USD by swapping them to ad space credits and selling the ad space they acquire using our own in-house exchange.

Where Are ADZcoins Stored?
Your ADZcoins are stored in a web wallet integrated on ADZbuzz, and can be withdrawn to any other wallet at any time. Withdrawals usually take 24-48 hours to complete, sometimes it can be faster.

What Are ADZbuzz Communities?
Every site owner can have his own ADZbuzz community, and every ADZbuzz member can join the communities of all his favorite sites. This will allow you to discover all the latest posts in the communities tab in your ADZbuzz dashboard.

How To Use The ADZbuzz Platform?
The most important thing on ADZbuzz is to have fun exploring content in all the categories you’re interested in. This makes ADZbuzz a wonderful place to start your daily internet adventure.

To-Do List After Signing Up
After joining ADZbuzz, make sure to complete these simple things to benefit the most from our amazing content discovery platform:
Set Up Your Profile And Avatar
Login To ADZbuzz Once A Day
Share Interesting Content using the ADZbuzzer
Join the ADZbuzz communities of your favorite sites
Join the ADZbuzz forum

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Re: AdzBuzz - Get paid for discovering new contents [SCAM WARNING][SITE OFFLINE]
Reply #1 - 18th Oct, 2021 at 10:20pm
EDIT by SolidSnake: Looks like this one turned to scam and both his sites are offline.

Follow this discussion for more details:
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