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Message started by moneymarketing on 14th Sep, 2014 at 3:37pm

Title: Paidverts / My Traffic Value
Post by moneymarketing on 14th Sep, 2014 at 3:37pm
The first thing you need to know is that they are both owned by the same admin and if you join one you are automatically a member in both.

Be sure, when signing up, to use your proper birth date because this is used for verifying you when transferring/paying cash

I'll have a go at this. If anybody has anything to add just let me know.

1. For every $1 you invest into ads, you will get 3100 bonus ad points (BAPs). With these you will be eligible to receive  up to $1.55 in clicks. So your advertising will, if you exploit all the clicks, be FREE.  :o 8-)

The minimum click is .005 cents and the max can be in the hundreds of dollars.

The more BAPs you accumulate, the more you are eligible to earn each day. You will climb earning tiers as your BAPs grow. The daily income is not guaranteed but based on site revenue. As you climb into higher tiers your daily share of the revenue increases

2. Earn commissions on just about everything your referrals do. Variable rates on different activities. (5% for above ad purchases)., If you can accumulate 100 referrals you should start to see some cash flow which you can then reinvest for more BAPs and more earnings

3. Full access to the MTV site which will allow you to participate in even more earnings activities. Share purchases, higher yield investments, experimental fund investment, and cash gambling activities (which are fair games but not recommended due to house advantage[you have been warned :mon_eyes :beatup])

The front page when you sign in and faqs have a full guide of how you should proceed in order to make money

So the sign up chain is as follows:

dguy <= solidsnake <= dansbanners <= ruicarlov


sign up under Rui and then post yours in here

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