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Message started by SolidSnake on 6th Jan, 2013 at 11:31pm

Title: Staff and Member Types [To be Updated!]
Post by SolidSnake on 6th Jan, 2013 at 11:31pm
In each forum there are several staff and member types so why should we be the ones to break the chain?

Firstly, the staff types are these :

And the member types are these :

Newbie type is just a measurement to prevent spam attacks. Newbie members are restricted in the most important sections of the forum. So if you've just arrived you'll need to make 2 posts in the rest of its sections so that you bypass this limit.

Recruit Member is also a restricted member type in some sections as they are still new in the forum. We'll be paying more attention to these members in order to clarify if they are really here to discuss or spam. Also Recruits are not able to add or join programs in the downline builder.

Junior Member is the member who is getting the handle of the forum and gets access to most of its sections. Junior members can join programs through the downline builder but can only add new programs after a moderators approval. Read the rules for more details.

Full Member is a member that has successfully passed the junior state and so he's now allowed to do more things in the forum than lower types. He's done 60 posts in the forum which means he knows how to discuss a subject with the rest of the members here. Expect them to be more and more active day by day offering their support and contributing to the forum.

Senior Member as a type is a sign that a member is now becoming well respected here and you could seek their advice and support freely. They are popular and definitely on their way to become our best friends and of course VIP. :)

VIP Members is the most honored non-moderator type of member in this forum. They will be heavily supported and will be the ones that we will discuss investment plans and advertising strategies with. Also they will receive bonus free advertising from time to time.

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